Penetration Testing is an integral part of any information security program and should be conducted on a periodic basis to comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.  Penetration testing is the live testing of a computing environment to assess the defenses on the network and to identify areas for security improvement.  80/20 Labs has experience conducting penetration tests at many of the Fortune 500.

Penetration Testing

Digital Forensics

80/20 Labs is an industry leader in electronic discovery.  We have the ability to provide thorough electronic discovery and litigation support for all computer-related activities.  Digital evidence is becoming ever more crucial and indispensable to legal cases.  80/20 Labs' computer forensic specialists can conduct investigations that will uncover various artifacts such as:

    - Email data
    - Internet usage
    - Deleted files and directories
    - Data and file fragments

Vulnerability Assessments

Regulatory requirements as well as the desire to maintain a secure environment are driving the need for regularly scheduled vulnerability assessments.  These assessments are a powerful way to analyze your environment and identify weaknesses within the network.  80/20 Labs utilizes a variety of assessment methods to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your company's technology risk profile.

Application security is a much needed layer of defense against attack.  Applications and the ways they function are often neglected during the risk management process.  In particular, web applications are avenues of attack which firewalls cannot protect against.  80/20 Labs has the resources to identify application weaknesses and develop remediation plans before they become a risk to the company.

80 Percent of your technology risk stems from 20 percent of your vulnerabilities


Application Security Analysis